Wedding & Christening Photographer

Simplicity, calmness, humor. Let's make your own story!



Wedding Photographer

"After following the crowd for a while,
I then turned 180 degreess in the opposite direction.
Each time this tactic worked for me!"

                  Eliot Erwith Photographer

Somewhere there, then, and with these words in my mind, I began my own journey into the world of photography.
Do you enjoy playing, joy, laughter, dreams and storytelling through photos?

If so, then together we will be able to make the best story of Love, Union and every mystery of your Life through Wedding and Baptism Photography.

Our purpose

to be with you in all important moments of that day!


VIVIan ts

Amazing job!! We were absolutely delighted with the result!! 
Thank you for everything!!


Very good photography as well as very good creativity..
Professionalism, inspiration, very good communication and
mainly a pleasant atmosphere during the photo shoot..


Katerina was kind and understood from the beginning of the 
concept we had imagined for one of our most special moments.
With her guidance, and the professionalism she demonstrated,
the result was higher than expected, since those who saw her
work were impressed. So a big thank you from the heart,
And we will definitely work together again in the future.


Katerina is at the opposite end of the crowd of "trader" 
photographers who do their every job in style, while at the
same time calling on loud, showbiz names to raise prestige and
cachet. With a constant interest in her Art, she will get to
know you, understand what you want, at the same time suggest
what suits you and deliver you a flawless photographic result.